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From the grill, to your plate

In Japanese, the word ‘teppan’ means an iron plate or a steel sheet and ‘yaki’ means to stir-fry.

Teppanyaki cooking first landed in North America by Hiroaki Aoki, a renowned Japanese wrestler that opened ‘Benihana’ in New York City in 1964. The restaurant received rave reviews from food critics; Teppanyaki cooking has now spread across the globe and has become a focal point of fine Japanese cuisine.

The Prince Steakhouse is bringing the same kind of excitement when Teppanyaki style cooking was first introduced to North America, right at your table.


Enjoy beef, seafood and chicken cooked by our experienced Japanese chefs.

They have spent years perfecting their craft and will entertain you during the cooking process. 

It's not just dinner, it's a Japanese dining experience

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